Paranormal Section:

On our nation's birthday 2007, I ventured out to the "Thomas and Roberts" Cemetery in Pine Valley, IN.  Out of the 50 some odd pictures I took, I had something interesting happen in two of the photos.  The first photo, which I also have up on the T&R page, has a bizarre white streak in the upper left corner.  Check out the original pic, and then below it, a picture of the streak itself:

Definitely interesting!  Up next is a photo of a bizarre orb I caught.  Personally I don't give much credence to orbs.  Usually they're just dust or water moisture.  It's quite rare to catch an actual orb (i.e. a ball of energy).  In the hundreds of photos I've took, I come across orbs in my photos all the time.  However, this particular photo was intriguing.  This orb has what appears as two smaller orbs inside it, almost as if they were eyes!  I'm not claiming that is what it is, but I really thought the photo was neat, so here it is for you to view:


Back in March '07, I took an interesting picture that I'd like to share.  I figure I'd eventually run into some weird stuff checking out cemeteries and I did this one night.  Here is a picture I took which has a weird mist type of apparition in the air right next to me.  The bottom of the jpeg is the picture I took afterwards to see if I could duplicate the same result, which I could not.



Is the top picture a ghost?  Or just moisture?  Who knows, but I think the picture is quite neat.  If I come across some more, I will share them on this page.  Oh yeah, for those curious, this picture was taken at the "English Cemetery" in the old part of English, IN.  This cemetery is currently NOT on my site.  It may sometime in the future.  I have something else I would like to share.  When I go on my cemetery visits, I also do EVP audio recordings.  I do this because you never know when something might come up.  Well, something finally did and it was during the same time I took this photo.  On this clip you'll hear me say "what the...son of a bitch is that?" and that is referring to me seeing the picture on my digital camera screen.  Right after I said that comment, a whisper can be heard on the audio recording.  I cannot make it out as of yet, but would like to hear suggestions on what it may be.  Click HERE to download the EVP clip.

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