Name: Lomax Cemetery

Active: No

Location: In Greenfield Township of Orange County, IN (south of Youngs Creek).  This cemetery is located back in the forest, so I will try my best to explain how to get there.  First, take state road 37 and head south of Paoli, IN.  Drive for several miles until you come across county road 560 S.  This road is right beside a general store.  The name escapes me at the moment, but I believe it's called "Pine Valley Store" or something similar.  However, this is the ONLY store on this stretch of road until you hit English, IN.  This store is not even a mile from the Marengo Cave shortcut.  If you live in the area, you know what I'm talking about.  Anyway, take 560 S for about 2-3 miles until you come across county road 175W.  Take a right onto that road.  Be careful, because there are bushes blocking the right side of the road and you may drive right pass it.  After merging onto 175W, drive 1/2 mile until you see a dirt road on your right (there is currently no sign stating a cemetery is on the road).  This dirt road goes back .2 mile and ends at the cemetery.  I recommend only driving on this road with a 4x4 vehicle.  If you have a low riding car, chances are you will get stuck.  UPDATE: The road is now blocked off.  There is room to park, but you will have to walk now instead of drive.

Info: This truly is a lost graveyard.  The cemetery doesn't appear to be taken care of as there is trash (looks like a place for partying teens to hang out at) on the ground and overgrown weeds, with lots of poison ivy (take note if you're allergic!).  A good portion of stones have fallen over, some may even be buried.  In desperate need of restoration.


Satellite Photo:

Line indicates the dirt/mud road and the circle approximates the cemetery location.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture:


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Burial Information, in no particular order:

Calvin Hill  1859 - 1929
Clarence A. Hill  1890 - 1902
Emery L. Hill, son of T. & M.F. Hill  7/5/1878 - 9/02/1875
Ada Hill  1893 - 1894
Minnie E. Hill, daughter of T. & M.F. Hill  10/08/1880 - 5/07/1881
Thomas Hill  1846- 1928
Tamar White Lomax  7/08/1841 - 10/17/1877
Abel Lomax  4/17/1840 - 12/25/1879
Sarah E. Lomax, daughter of A. & T.L. Lomax  Died 1885
Jonatan Lomax  12/6/1774 - 12/06/1846
Minnie L. Lee  Died 4/26/1890, 19Y. 10M. 14D.
Elma E. White  11/09/1908 - 4/12/1909
Lentsford Lomax  5/02/1827 - 2/16/1912
Nancy A. Apple  1860 - 1928
George W. Apple  1855 - 1931
Golda M. Apple  2/15/1897, 9 days old
"?" Mayfield  1809
Lora Belle Mayfield  4/12/1884 - 6/26/1927

Please note, some stones were very hard to read, so some information may be incorrect.  Also, this list does NOT include every burial as some stones were unreadable.

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