Name: Lankford Cemetery

Active: No

Location: Off Dearborn Drive, off Jericho Road outside Taswell, IN.  Cemetery on private property.

GPS: 86.5321 W / 38.3823 N

Info: On private property, so get permission first.  Small family cemetery.  Apparently there is at least 4 burials, but I could not get close enough to view the fallen over stones as there was a black snake next to them!!!  Safety first, so I'll head back some other time to see if I can read them.


Satellite Photo:


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No tour video was recorded.

Burial list:

Annie Lankford  Died 1882  Age 36 years
Larken Lankford  Died 1890  Age 31 years

No other info regarding the cemetery.  If you know of other burials, let me know.

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