Name: Hickory Ridge Cemetery

Active: Yes

Location: Take hwy 450 N, heading towards Dover Hill, IN,  from SR 50 in Shoals, IN.  Cemetery is approximately 1 mile on the road beside a church (can't miss it).

Info: Local folklore talks of a statue in the cemetery (pictured above and several more below) that if you put a penny on the tombstone, a death will occur to you or someone you know within 5 days.  The time changes depending on who you ask.  I don't know where this story came from, but I've been hearing it ever since my teenage years.  My fiancée claims her brother once put a penny on the tombstone and a friend of his died in a car accident the next week.  Pure coincidence or did this statue have anything to do with it?  Then again, how many people have put pennies on it and nothing happen?  At any rate, it's definitely a story to spook youngsters and the statue itself is definitely freaky looking.  Apparently someone decided to paint the eyes red years ago, and while it's not red anymore, traces of it remain and it gives the statue a very eerie appearance.  If you do visit the cemetery, please be respectful of the grounds and the statue. 


Satellite photo:


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