Name: Acre Cemetery

Active: No

Location: On SR 150 between French Lick and Shoals, IN, take CR 215 (it's about half way between the two towns) for about a mile or two.  The cemetery is is to the west of the "Church of the Cross" parking lot.  There is a sign for this church on SR 150, so look for it for the turn off.

Info: I need to revisit this place for better pictures.  When I arrived there, as you can see in the title picture, the grass was not cut.  With ticks being very bad this year, I didn't go through the field to get close pictures.  So I took pictures using my digital zoom, which I usually do NOT use as I prefer optical, so some of the pictures below aren't as sharp as I would like.  It seems the cemtery is more an after thought and doesn't appear to be taken care of properly.  I plan on going back in the fall when the grass dies out and getting better pics and video.


Satellite Photo:


Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture:


No video was recorded at this time.

I currently do not have a list of burials.  If anyone knows of a site, Email me!

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