Type O Negative

Live @ Bogarts in Cincinnati OH



Welcome to my small page about my concert experience on April 2, 2007 at "Bogarts" in Cincinnati, OH.  That night's lineup included "Retribution", "Brand New Sin" and "Type O Negative."  I never heard of the first two bands before that night.  Retribution is a 3 piece death metal band that sounded pretty good.  They seem to have fun on stage and got the audience geared up.  If I was a fan of that type of music, I would probably pick up one of their albums as I thought they did a good job.  The next band up on stage was Brand New Sin and they seem like your run of the mill nu-metal band.  I did not care for them at all and neither did a lot of others in the area I was standing.  Fortunately they didn't play too long.  Before coming to the show, I read on message boards that Peter Steele had back surgery recently and that Type O had been taking "breaks" during their set.  Well, after watching their set that night, I wondered if it would have best just to have postpone their tour until a later time.  First off, it seem to take FOREVER for the band to get on stage.  The soundman played "the chicken dance" music on the loud speakers for at least 30 minutes.  Occasionally, they would shut off the lights and trick the audience into thinking the band was coming out on stage.  The first few times was amusing, however, it got old.  Finally, when the band did get on stage, it seemed that Peter Steele was not into the show at all.  He looked quite frail, especially from the last time I seen these guys back in 2000, and even appeared drunk.  During some songs, it seem like he didn't even try to sing the songs.  Also, he had no in between song comments, which is something he has always done in the past.  And, just like I read on other boards, the band did take two breaks during the set.  These breaks probably lasted about 10-15 minutes combined.  Their whole set was barely 80 minutes, so when you take off 15 minutes, they didn't seem to be on stage for that long at all.  Here is a setlist of the show:

Magical Mystery Tour
We Hate Everyone
Profit of Doom
Xero Tolerance
Hey Pete
Xero Tolerance (reprise)
Halloween in Heaven
Love You to Death
Christan Woman
Black Number 1
An Ode to Locksmiths (last part of song)

Now while I do have some complaints about the show, I also have some positive comments.  As always, the music sounded amazing live.  Everyone played their instruments to a T and it sounded awesome.  The setlist also included some tracks that aren't normally played live like "We Hate Everyone", "Hey Pete" and my personal favorite "Xero Tolerance", which was played before and after "Hey Pete" like how it is on the "Origin of the Feces" CD.  The stage setup also included four signs which said APPLAUSE, BOO, YOU SUCK and LAUGHTER.  At different times during the show, one of these lights would turn on and the audience followed with that particular action.  I do like the band's humor and it was cool to see this played out on stage.  After the show was over with, I couldn't help but feel the show could have benefited better if Steele was feeling much better.  I do hope he recovers and the band does another tour later on as I would love to see a show like they did back in 2000 (which was awesome!).  At the show, a friend of mine took some pictures using his PDA style cellphone.  Also, I made an audio recording of the show using my recently purchased mp3 player (different from the model I used for the NIN 06 show) that included a Line-IN input.  Unfortunately, the sound that was recorded came out very very low.  When I try to amplify the sound, I get a lot of ambient noise.  I was wanting to include some full tracks on this page, but until I can figure out how to amplify the sound and get rid of the ambient noise, I will only upload this 30 second clip of "Love You to Death."  When you listen to this, you will see what I mean by ambient noise.  If anyone knows how to get rid of that, EMAIL me!! 

30 seconds of LOVE YOU TO DEATH in mp3 format.


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