On December 3, 2007, I saw "My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult" for the very first time despite being a fan for over 10 years!  They performed at Headliners in Louisville, a venue which I have never been to, but from my experience this night, would love to go to again.  This venue was quite small, with a capacity of probably a few hundred people.  I love going to shows that are in places like this.  You can get close to the band and enjoy the show a hell of a lot more.  The venue wasn't sold out, so there was some room to move around, which is always good.  There were three bands that opened for TKK.  The first band was "Hematosis" from Mason, OH.  The second opener was "Empyrean Asunder", a Louisville, KY native band.  The third opener was another L'ville native, "Absence of Faith."  All three opening bands were really good I thought, and this is probably the first time I ever said that about opening bands.  I enjoyed them all and glad they played at the show.  Here are some photos:



Empyrean Asunder:


Absence of Faith:


Besides the opening bands, there was also some entertainment provided by the "Will of the Whip Society", a bondage group that performs at public events.  This was quite interesting to say the least.  :)  They were performing all night off to the left side of the venue.  A memorable moment was in between bands, the DJ was playing "Dig It" by Skinny Puppy while some guy was getting his back whipped.  LOL  Here are a few pictures from that:


Finally, Thrill Kill Kult made their way onto stage.  I'm not familiar enough with their songs to give a correct tracklist (anyone knows it, please pass it along!), but they did play for a good 90 minutes, which included a few minute break about 3/4 of the way into the show.  They sounded really good.  The music and vocals came through quite well, so kudos to the sound mixer.  It was also good to see Justin Bennett again as I saw him last drumming for Skinny Puppy back in 2004.  I manage to take a few pictures as well as a hour of video footage.  Here are some pictures from the TKK set:


Here's a video of them performing "After the Flesh."

DOWNLOAD in WMV format (~8mb).


Overall, it was a very fun night!

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