with guests: Unleashed, Carnifex, Stonecutters and Beaten to Death

Uncle Pleasants - Oct 12, 2008 - Louisville, KY

I admit, I don't know much about Obituary or any of the bands on the bill.  A co-worker of mine wanted to go to the show and I'm always
up for a concert.  The bands were mainly of the "death metal" genre, which was fine by me.  The first two bands, "Beaten to Death" and
"Stonecutters" were local bands and they sounded pretty good.  "Carnifex" was a real surprise and I wanted to purchase one of their
CDs after they played, but they sold out fast.  They were great.  "Unleashed" came on next.  They are a metal band from Sweden and
I guess you can refer to them as "viking metal."  They sounded really good as well.  Then "Obituary" came on and rocked the place. 
For such a small venue, it got pretty wild and HOT!  The smell of B.O. filled the air afterwards!  LOL  Overall, a great rock show.
Below are some pics and video clips I took:

Beaten to Death


Stone Cutters





Here is a 30 second clip of "Unleashed" performing: click HERE



I did not take pictures of the band, thus the not so great quality picture.  This is a screenshot of the video I recorded.
Click HERE for a video of them performing "Slowly We Rot."


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