with guests The Revenants and Adaptize

@ Coyotes in Louisville, KY - Oct 19, 2008

It had been 7 years and a week since I last saw the Misfits.  During that time, they've released a SINGLE (covering a Balzac song) and a CD (covering 50s/60s songs)!  Nothing new from the camp, which has kind of dwindled to a cover band of Misfits and related tracks.  At any rate, I couldn't pass up seeing them play especially the cheap $15 admission charge.  The first band to play was a local band called "Adaptize."  We got there half way through their set and I can't really judge whether I liked them or not.  They sounded good though.


Up next was another local band by the name of "Revenants."  They were a goth metal band and sounded pretty good as well.


Afterwards, The Misfits came on stage.  They played for about a hour before taking a few minute break then another 10 minutes for the encore.  I will post a set list soon.  Jerry Only sounded much better on the vocals this time than he did back in 2001.  The crowd really got into the music and the mosh pit was quite huge.  Like the other Misfits shows I attended, audience participation was pretty high.  I did manage to record the show and below are two video clips.


Last Caress VIDEO CLIP

Thirsty and Miserable (Black Flag cover) / Abominable Dr Phibes / American Psycho VIDEO CLIP

Jerry Only before getting on stage.


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