Bauhaus / NIN - Live at Noblesville, IN 7-3-06 (Deer Creek / Verizon Wireless Center)


I decided to make a small page dedicated to the Bauhaus / Nine Inch Nails show I attended at Deer Creek (or Verizon Wireless Center / whatever you want to call the venue) in Noblesville, IN on July 3, 2006.  I have included some pictures I took with a disposable zoom camera.  I figured since disposables were allowed, I would at least attempt to get some good pictures.  Unfortunately, since I had lawn tickets (yeah I'm a cheap ass), most pictures did not turn out good and were taken too far away from the stage.  However, I did crop some of these and zoomed up, so at least something is viewable.  Up first is some pictures of the Bauhaus set.



The last picture shows how far I was from the stage!  I was way, way back there, but it sounded good.  The second and third pictures I took as I was walking into the venue.  I arrived just as Bauhaus took stage, so I did miss a little bit of their show.  This was my first time I saw Bauhaus, as well as NIN, so seeing them both at a single show was a treat.  Too bad the Bauhaus set was a bit short, as I was hoping they'd do at least a 80 minute set (came out around 50 minutes if I recall correctly).  I really liked that towards the end of the NIN portion, Peter Murphy came out and sung "The Final Solution."  That was great seeing him and Trent together on stage.  Anyway, I hope to catch both of them again, perhaps in a smaller indoor venue the next time.  Below are some NIN photos. 


As you can tell, the nighttime darkness didn't fare too well with my cheap camera.  Hell, the pictures actually look better than my original copies (fixed them up a bit with Photosuite).  NIN put on a hell of a light show as I never seen anything like it before.  I really hope they release an official DVD of the tour as I would like to see the show (I imagine the whole tour is the same) again.  Below is some audio samples from the show.  I was going to use my Mini-Disc recorder to record the show, but I figured security would be tight and didn't bother taking it.  However, security was anything but tight so I could have easily gotten the recorder inside.  I did have my keychain mp3 player along and it does voice recording.  With that device, I recorded the Bauhaus and NIN sets, but most of it comes off with a lot of distortion (that's built-in mics for ya!).  Here are a few mp3s I made of some of the less distorted songs:

NIN - Closer

NIN - Hurt

NIN - LaMer

UPDATE!  I found another recording of the show that is in excellent quality.  I decided to upload some mp3s from that recording:

NIN - Non-Entity

NIN w/ Peter Murphy - The Final Solution

Bauhaus - Stigmata Martyr


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