Welcome to the "Churches of Crawford County, Indiana" database!  This idea started as a historical society project (www.cchgs.org)
but then I decided to create a site on it's own.


This site is in no way affiliated with any of the churches listed.  It is simply a database of what churches are around in the rural southern Indiana county. 
Some of these churches may be slightly outside of the county border. 


With each entry, I have provided the name, the town it is in (with Google Map co-ordinates) and a photo of the church. 
The towns these churches are in, per google, are a bit debatable.  I listed the nearest town first, then after the slash mark,
I put the "technical" town that is listed per Google.  The boundaries in this county for towns are not defined properly.


As time goes on, I may add more to this (links to official sites of the churches, if there is one, etc....).
If you belong to any of these churches and would like to help, contact me.

If I missed a church, please let me know!


In alphabetical order:

Updated: 8/22/23 - history of Pleasant (Tick) ridge added, also Marengo Wesleyan church renamed to Recovery Church



Beechwood Bible Holiness Church (Carefree / English) - GOOGLE MAP


Bethany Union Church (Eckerty) - GOOGLE MAP

View History PDF: Click HERE



Big Springs Old Town Church (Marengo) - defunct GOOGLE MAP


Bogard Church (English) - GOOGLE MAP


Cedar Street Baptist Church (Marengo) - GOOGLE MAP



Charity United Baptist Church (English) - GOOGLE MAP


Christian's Missionary Church (Carefree / Leavenworth) - GOOGLE MAP


Christian's Missionary Church (Marengo) - GOOGLE MAP


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Marengo) - GOOGLE MAP

View History PDF: Click HERE


Community Chapel Church (Eckerty) - GOOGLE MAP



Community Presbyterian Church (Leavenworth) - GOOGLE MAP


Community Worship Chapel Inc (Marengo) - GOOGLE MAP


Crawford County Church of Christ (Marengo) - GOOGLE MAP


Crossroads Church of Christ (Marengo) - GOOGLE MAP


Dillman Church (Curby) - defunct GOOGLE MAP

View History PDF: Click HERE



Eckerty Christian Church (Eckerty) - GOOGLE MAP

View History PDF: Click HERE


El Bethel Church (El Bethel / Carefree) - GOOGLE MAP


English Baptist Church (English) - GOOGLE MAP



English Church of God (English) - GOOGLE MAP



English Wesleyan Church (English) - GOOGLE MAP


Fairview General Baptist Church (Taswell) - GOOGLE MAP


Fairview General Baptist Church (Taswell) - defunct GOOGLE MAP



First Baptist Church of Alton (Alton) - GOOGLE MAP


Good News Church of English (English) - GOOGLE MAP


Goodman Ridge Church (Marengo) - defunct GOOGLE MAP



Grace Tabernacle Crawford (Milltown) - GOOGLE MAP



Grantsburg Community Church (Grantsburg) - GOOGLE MAP


Harned Chapel (English) technically in Orange county - GOOGLE MAP


Highfill Chapel (Taswell) - GOOGLE MAP



Hillview Christian Church (Marengo) - GOOGLE MAP


Holy Mount Church of Crawford County (Alton / Leavenworth) - GOOGLE MAP


House of Prayer (Eckerty) - GOOGLE MAP


Jericho (Taswell) - defunct GOOGLE MAP



Liberty View Church (Milltown) - GOOGLE MAP


Lincoln Hills Community Church (English) - GOOGLE MAP



Marengo Christian Church (Marengo) - GOOGLE MAP


Marengo United Methodist Church (Marengo) - GOOGLE MAP



Mathers Chapel (English) - defunct GOOGLE MAP


Mifflin Community Church (Mifflin) - GOOGLE MAP

View History PDF: Click HERE



Milltown Christian Church (Milltown) - GOOGLE MAP



Milltown Nazarene Church (Milltown) - defunct GOOGLE MAP



Milltown Southern Baptist Church (Milltown) - GOOGLE MAP



Mt. Zion Brethren of Christ (Marengo) - GOOGLE MAP


Old Union Christian Church (Sulphur) - GOOGLE MAP



Pilgrim Holiness Church (Marengo) - GOOGLE MAP


Pilot Knob Church (Milltown) - GOOGLE MAP


Pleasant Ridge Church (Fredonia / Leavenworth) - GOOGLE MAP

View History PDF: Click HERE


Pleasant Ridge (Tick) Church (Eckerty / English) - defunct? GOOGLE MAP

View History PDF: Click HERE



Recovery Church (Marengo); former Marengo Wesleyan church - GOOGLE MAP



Rock Springs Church (English) - GOOGLE MAP



Shafer Ridge Church (Marengo) - defunct GOOGLE MAP



 Simpson Chapel Seventh Day Baptist Church (Marengo) - GOOGLE MAP


St. Joseph Catholic Church (Marengo) - GOOGLE MAP

Denomination: Roman Catholic; started 1855; current location 1974

View History on their website: Click HERE


Sulphur Pentecostal Church (Sulphur) - GOOGLE MAP



Sycamore Springs Chapel (English) - GOOGLE MAP



Taswell Christian Church (Taswell) - GOOGLE MAP


Taswell Community Church (Taswell) - GOOGLE MAP



Temple Community Church (Temple / English) - GOOGLE MAP


Tower Full Gospel Church (Carefree / English) - GOOGLE MAP

Denomination: Pentecostal; started circa 1930s; present location 1984


Tunnel Hill Free Methodist (English) - GOOGLE MAP


United Methodist Church (Riddle) - defunct GOOGLE MAP



Union Chapel (Grantsburg) - defunct GOOGLE MAP



Union Church (Milltown) - GOOGLE MAP



Westfork Christian Church (Westfork) - defunct? GOOGLE MAP



Wickliffe United Methodist Church (Wickliffe / Eckerty) - GOOGLE MAP



All church photographs by bP; any suggestions / corrections, EMAIL ME