Cemeteries of Crawford County

This section is dedicated to cemeteries of Crawford County, Indiana.
Most of what is provided on this page are PDF files created by Larry Burmeister,
which includes photos and various other information in regards to that
particular cemetery.  There is also some links that Ron Yates has contributed. 
To save the files, "Right Click" on the cemetery name
and choose "SAVE AS" then save the file to your PC.

Please note, not all cemeteries in CC are currently listed!

Abell Cemetery
Burnett Cemetery
Courtney Burial Ground
Cunningham Cemetery
Doan Cemetery
Eli Miller Burial Ground
Enlow Family Cemetery
Farmer Cemetery
Fesler Burial Ground
Gilmore Cemetery
Goldman Cemetery Photos
Gott - Spencer Cemetery
Grantsburg Cemetery
Grantsburg Brown Cemetery
John Goldman Burial Ground
Keysacker Burial Ground
King-Davis Cemetery
Lankford Cemetery
Longest Cemetery
Lynch Cemetery
McFarland Burial Ground
McMahan Burial Ground
Mills Cemetery
Mingus Burial Ground
Mins Birds Family Burial Ground
Mitchell Cemetery
Mock Cemetery
Oak Hill Cemetery
Old Grant Cemetery
Pilot Knob Cemetery
Pleasant (Tick) Ridge Cemetery
Rothrock Cemetery
Seaton Hill Cemetery
Sloan Cemetery (incomplete)
Stewart Cemetery
Taylor Burial Ground
Temple Church Cemetery
Temple Family Burial Ground
Turley Family Cemetery
Union Chapel Yates Cemetery
White Cemetery
Williams Cemetery