Welcome to billpiper.info, a portal to the pages I run.  Links below!




Fixated Spasm


This is my solo music project.  CDs available on amazon:




Night Terrors Ezine


My horror film ezine.  It's updated whenever I get in the mood to put together a new issue.  In PDF format.



Valeska Suratt.com


Official site for my project regarding silent film actress Valeska Suratt.



Crawford County Indiana History


Another ezine, this regarding Crawford County Indiana history (updated whenever I feel like it). 
This is more a supplement to the newsletter I do for the CC Historical and Genealogical Society: http://www.cchgs.org



Budget DVD Mini-Reviews

Reviews to budget title DVDs, typically of exploitation films.  Reviews also featured in Night Terrors (may soon be merged).



Lost Graveyards

Used to be titled lostgraveyards.com.  My photo journal of graveyard hopping.



Live Music Concert Review

I don't get out much but these are reviews of major musical concerts I've attended.



Video Games in 30 Seconds:


My youtube channel, mainly dealing with video game clips that are 30 seconds long.  I do have other various stuff.



Crawford County Historical and Genealogical Society


Official site for the CCHGS.  I also put together their quarterly newsletter.